E Clampus Vitus
Snowshoe Thompson Chapter 1827
A biography of: John A. "Snoeshoe" Thompson
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We have lost a brother;
Saturday November 18, 2000
"Old Turnaround" 
You only have a few real
friends in this world
Gary "Eli" Whitney
was one of them...
I will miss him

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Snowshoe Thompson Chapter 1827
Members from Wisconsin
18 Members from Wisconsin
That we know about...

David "Cowpatty" Whitney

Gary "Eli" Whitney

Steve "E-4" Carr
Frank "Smitty" Smith
Pat "Booger" Brueggeman
Patrick "Fatboy" Strutz
Steve "Gator" Whitney
Mark "Honey" Shuffle
Shawn "Peanut" Whitney
Gary "Vroom" Muchow
Ron "Legal Beagal" Leigal
Brad "Horton" Fromm
Rich "Snake" Blakeslee
James "Stubby" Raupp
Wayne "Shaker" Conlin
Bob "Man of War" Clyde
John "Will Tell" Mortimer
Calvin "Pillsbury" Gerhi
What is E Clampus Vitus
An organization dedicated to 
the care and protection 
of widows and orphans,
but especially widows.
Who should join the Clampers
Upstanding members of society
with a strong interest
in the history, traditions, 
and customs of the Old West
and a taste for public humiliation

How can I join ECV
You can't. But if you buy a drink 
for every Clamper you meet, 
one of them might sponsor you

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