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10th Annual Lee Lake Polar Plunge
The organizers would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude
to everyone who helped make the day a huge success…and our best year ever!
With your help, we will be donating over $14,000 to the American Cancer Society and GRACE.
The amounts donated to each organization will be announced later.
This brings our total raised in 10 years to over $88,000!
Where do you begin when there are so many to thank?
No matter what part you played, you are an awesome group of people.
A HUGE thank you goes out to our plungers and everyone who sponsored them.
We want to especially recognize our three 10-year plungers, Tim Davenport, John Huffman and John Pearson.
Thank you to those who attended the auction, bought raffle tickets or food and/or just came to watch the plunge.
Thanks to our ice cutters who spent Friday afternoon and most of Saturday on the ice getting everything ready.
We could not do it without you guys.  Thank you to Anderson Saw Shop for the use of ice cutting equipment.
Thanks to all who volunteered selling raffle tickets and food, registering plungers and keeping track of the auction.
Thank you to the Cazenovia EMT’s, Cazenovia Fire Department, Village of Cazenovia,
Richland County Sheriff’s Department, Wendell’s Snow Plowing, Border Rider’s Motorcycle Club,
Pat Brueggeman, Sugden Trucking, Drea Plumbing, Scott and Kenda Tauber (Bunker Hill Saloon/Cannon Run),
Cazenovia Turkey Busters, Dorow Septic, Hartje Lumber, and Shields Towing.
We would like to extend special thanks to our auctioneer, Donald Seep who as usual did a GREAT job
and our cooks Kate Birdsill and Helen Knuth for preparing and serving the wonderful food.
We also want to thank the following individuals and businesses for donations of raffle and auction items.
If anyone was left out of this list,
please accept our apologies and know it was not intentional and your donation was greatly appreciated.
Alibis, Dave’s Little Cazenovia, Frenchie’s, Soltwedel’s Store, Caz Clipper, Joe and Diana Odermann,
Duane and Sonya Klang, Julie Louis, Corena Underwood, Joyce Fichtel, Dave and Laura Rasmussen,
Bauer Valley Maples,
Dean and Teri Benning, Larry Fanta, Rufenacht Construction, Molly Kretche, Pop’s Organic Coffee, Gonzo’s Tatto Parlor,
  Treasure Mill, LaValle Telephone, Corner Express,  Bare Necessities,George’s, River Mill, Hartje Farm Home and Tire Center,
 LaValle Outdoors, Fearing’s TV, Reedsburg IGA, Club 33, Wisconsin and Southern Railroad,
 Dennis and Dawn Behn, Preferred Distributors, Budweiser, Sue Fruit, Viking Village, Brewster’s Lanes, Gavin Brothers,
 Touchdown Tavern, North of the Border, Cowboy Bar, Carr Valley Cheese, Bumper to Bumper, MPS Photography, Rhyme Supply,
Green Bay Packers, Bishop Ag Supply, Lorraine’s Hallmark, Fishy’s and Benish Automotive.
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The Jumpers
Tim Davenport - 10 year man
John Huffman - 10 year man
John Pearson - 10 year man
Cassie Anderson
Teri Benning
Brandon Birdsill
Nancy Breon
Brian Daniels
Brian Davenport
Peggy  Davenport
Tammy Davenport
Todd Frawley
Jenni Frey
Cheryl Gavin
Hailey Gregory
Katelyn Jelinek
Cheryl Kever
Kris Massari
Cathirine Rice
Carrie Sander
Steven Saron
Elizabeth Schneider
Jessie Schroeder
Kenny Sizemore
Cory Soukup
Katherine Welter
Brian Wilbrandt
Border Riders
Dude Dilley
Louie Flipovich
David Frey
Thomas Lobsinger
Casey Rego
Dan Woolever
Rhyme Team
Jack Coppernoll
Hogan Hughey
Kimberley Messer
Jake Schneider
Marsha Schneider
Bayley Steinhoff
Kendell Steinhoff
Mike Steinhoff
Curt Terry
God bless you all...
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