The Hole Cutting

The Polar Plunge

The Auction
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If each of us helps just a little, together we can make a BIG difference. 
We adopted this slogan early in our planning stages this year and how true it was. 
Words can’t begin to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who helped in any way to make the 11th Annual Lee Lake Polar Plunge an overwhelming success, almost doubling the goal we’d hoped for.  We are thrilled to announce that this year we will be donating $20,000 bringing our 11 year total to over $108,000!  The actual amounts donated to the American Cancer Society and Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination will be announced at a later date.  We must begin by thanking our plungers.  Without those individuals who brave the icy waters of Lee Lake (many of them year after year) this wouldn’t happen.  Many thanks to our ice cutters who spend hours ahead of time making sure our changing trailer is ready and making certain everything is set to go at 2:00 Saturday. Thanks for standing behind us all these years. We love you guys and certainly couldn’t do it without you.  Thanks to Anderson Saw Shop for use of the bar to cut through the ice. Thank you to everyone who sponsored one of our plungers, attended the auction, bought raffle tickets, luminaries, beads or food and/or just came to cheer on the plungers.  We must extend a special thanks to our auctioneer, Donald Seep who did a GREAT job as usual.  Thanks to Bill Breon for stepping forward that day and taking care of the food, Lyn Harrison for selling raffle tickets, Sue Klang, Julie Louis and Bill Bauer for registering plungers and keeping track of the auction, Frank Tomczak, Jr. for assisting Donald with the auction, Heather Rasmussen for taking care of things by the lake and to Frenchie for being our clerk.  Thank you to Cazenovia EMS, Cazenovia Fire Department, Richland County Sheriff’s Department, Wendell’s Snow Plowing, Border Riders Motorcycle Club, Pat Brueggeman, Cazenovia Turkey Busters, Dorow Septic and Shields Towing.  Thanks to WRCO for the live broadcasts that morning and to Ron Fruit for working around the organized chaos as we got things set up.  Thanks also to Tommy Lee for taping from the lake both that day and with Laura and Hollie earlier and to Reedsburg Utility Cable Channel 11 for the broadcasts.  We want to thank the Reedsburg Independent, Reedsburg Times Press and the Richland Observer for the wonderful coverage.  We must also thank the following individuals and businesses for their generous donations of raffle and auction items.  If anyone was left out of this list, please accept our apologies and know it was not intentional and that your donation was greatly appreciated.  Frenchie’s Never Inn, Alibis, Dave’s Little Cazenovia, Soltwedel’s Store, Caz Clipper, Julie Louis, Corena Underwood, Joyce Fichtel, Bauer Valley Maples, Wendy McCauley, Quintessential Quilts, Pop’s Organic Coffee, Gonzo’s Tatoo Parlor, Brewster’s Lanes, Treasure Mill, Granny’s Pantry, Hartje Farm Home and Tire Center, Fearing’s TV, Green Bay Packers, Club 33, Wisconsin and Southern Railroad, Dennis and Dawn Behn, Preferred Distributors, Viking Village Foods, Viking Liquor, Viking Family Restaurant, Gavin Brothers, Brewster’s Lanes, Touchdown Tavern, North of the Border, Cowboy Bar, Carr Valley Cheese, Bumper to Bumper, MPS Photography, Rhyme, Bishop Ag Supply, Lorraine’s, Fishy’s, Benish Automotive, River Mill, Bumper to Bumper, Car Quest, Gene and Corena Underwood and Family, Joe, Kara, Ben and Eli Rader, LaValle Telephone, Al and Robin Landsinger, Trail Break, ID Signs/ Bud and Joyce Ihde and Family, Cindy Shields, Harlan and Monie Ray, Judy Kinney, Jim and Marcy Gardner (In Memory of Sandy), Helen Bauer family (in memory of Rich), Great Wolf Lodge, Irene Benish, Flambeau Plastics, Dawn and Dude Dilley, Bill and Dorothy Myner, Samantha Curtin, Skinner Transfer, Bunker Hill Cannon Run, Pep’s Taxidermy, Geffert Catering, Deli-Bean, Susan Bates, Plymouth Foam, Bees and Baskets Apiary, Studio Graphics, Micro-Technologies, Kelly Lange, Jenuine Nails, Arthur’s, Harlan and Monie Ray, Cyril and Maribeth Dietelhoff, Theresa Mueller, Mary Davenport, Tim and Peggy Davenport, Willow Valley Photography, Fearings TV, Pop’s Organic Coffee, Preferred Distributors, Plymouth Foam, and Village Pump.

Laura Rasmussen, Nancy Breon and Teri Benning