The Hole Cutting

The Polar Plunge

The Auction
Put on your favorite music and watch the memories...
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   In less than 400 words it would be absolutely impossible to thank each and every business or individual for the part they played in making the
13th Annual Lee Lake Polar Plunge another overwhelming success.
Again – the best year ever for us.  Our first check presentation was March 17th in the amount of $25, 811.50 to Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination.
A check presentation in the amount of $9,188.50 to American Cancer Society will be held in the near future.
In case you didn’t do the math already, these two checks alone total $35,000!
And the best part is both organizations will receive yet another check after all expenses are paid!
These checks alone bring our total donated in 13 years to $167,379!

                Generous donations from businesses and individuals in Reedsburg, LaValle, Elroy, Richland Center, Green Bay, Cambridge, Portage and Hillsboro,
 to name just a few, made for wonderful side raffles as well as a fun and very rewarding auction that raised almost $7,000. 
If you’ve never attended this event you truly don’t know what you are missing.  A parcial list of our donors.

Birdsill Black Guns, Dennis and Dawn Behn, Al & Robin Landsinger,
Wendy McCauley, Teri Benning, Audrey Throndsen, Fitness 14, Wisconsin & Southern Railroad,
Dick Marshall / Strang Plumbing and Heating, Downtown Fitness, Donnie’s Restaurant,
Bunker Hill / Cannon Run Route 66, Jerry Bruha, Joe, Kara, Ben and Eli Rader,
Corena and Gene Underwood & Family, Cazenovia Turkey Busters, Dave Holderman & Marsha Burdick,
Reedsburg Family Restaurant, Belinda Hartwig, Cheryl Gavin, Bill Bauer, LaValle Telephone,
Treasure Mill, Sandy Garber, Geffert’s Catering, Bounce Bounce, Helen Bauer/Family of Rich Bauer,
Sears Hometown, Richland Center, Lone Birch Taxidermy/Jim & Sharon Klang, Ma & Pa’s Pit Stop,
Rhyme, Harlan and Monie Ray, Sue Fruit, Green Bay Packers, Sauk Prairie Harley Davidson,
Trends Shannon, Lorraine’s Downtown Mini-Mall, Lynelle Roessler, Brian and Dionne Bulin, LK Design Studio,
Hillsboro Equipment, Tera’s Whey, Diane Brown, D.L. Gasser, Holiday Wholesale, Skinner Transfer, Weggy Winery,
Lisa Kyle, Phillis Fuller, Deli-Bean, Neumann’s, Matt and Catherine Minor, Gavin Brothers Auction, Pizza Ranch,
Carr Valley Cheese,Club 33, Saputo Cheese, Janice Turner, Brittany Hutchinson, Jenn Grey, Susan Toy,
Maribeth and Cyril Dietelhoff, Victim Tattoo, Downtown Fitness, Douglas American Car Care Center,
Alana's Runnin’ with Scissors, Viking Village Foods, Viking Liquor, Thrifty White Pharmacy,
WRCO Radio as well as Ron and Beth Fruit, Reedsburg Utility & Tommy Lee,
Reedsburg Independent & Jeff Seering, Reedsburg Times Press & Kim Lamoreaux, Richland Observer,
Wisconsin Metals/Brian Gudenschwager, Pat and Krista Strutz, K & K Furniture & Antiques,
 NAPA, Richland Center, Ocooch Books and Libations, Simpson Tractor, Richland Center City Auditorium,
Ladd Country Collectibles, Dragon Buffet, Chet’s Feed and Seed, Anderson Outdoors,
Press Box Bar and Grill, Phoenix Center, Harlan’s Furniture, Games For Us, Trail Break,
Bailey’s Paint & Decorating,Beaver Tile & Carpeting, AutoZone, Joyce Fichtel, Caz Clipper, Culver’s, Richland Center,
Culver’s, Reedsburg, Woodland Valley Greenhouse, Martha Wittman, Dawn Dilley,
NUK USA, Diane Geffert, Charmed 2, Pizza Hut, Reedsburg, Pizza Hut, Richland Center, Cancun Mexican, WCCU,
Just One, Country Charm, Corner Pub, Reedsbug Restaurant, Brewsters, Wollerscheim Winery, Cazenovia American Legion,
Cazenovia Fire and EMS, Gawronski Signs, Dorow Septic, Mittlesteadt Power Sports, Weaver Auto Parts, Mandie Bailey,
Brian and Sue Baley, Arneson Repair, Kientz Photography, Sara Schrank, Sheila Hendricks, Rasthaus East,
Budz, Cowboy Bar and North of the Border, Reedsburg Country Club and Matt Bishop.

 13th Annual Lee Lake Polar Plunge Facebook page as well as at 
Items came in after the lists were printed and although we tried to make certain names were added, perhaps someone was missed.
If your name or business is not listed, please accept our sincerest apologies and know that we truly appreciated your support and the omission was certainly not intentional.

                We must start by thanking our plungers.
Also a record number this year at 107!  It takes a very special person indeed to jump into ice water in February – in Wisconsin none the less.
Kudos to each and every one of you!  Thanks to those who attended. 
Whether you came to our auction, bought a luminary, a raffle ticket or a hot dog, or if you came to cheer on our plungers - we were all there for the same reason. 
Hoping there will someday be a cure for Cancer and to help those with this horrible disease.
We must then extend thanks to our ice cutting crew – a great bunch of guys who have stood beside us year after year to make this event possible. 
From cutting the hole to making sure there is somewhere warm for the plungers.
You guys are the best.  Thanks to the Caz EMS and Caz Fire Departments for standing by to keep our plungers safe. 
Then to our volunteers…. We couldn’t make this happen without you – this year especially. 
At times it’s simply overwhelming the amount of work and stress leading up to that day, but when we step back and turn it over to all of you we know it’s going to be just fine. 
Thank you so, so much. 

                If each of us does just a little – together we can do big things!

                                                                                Teri Benning and Laura Mahaney

                                                                                Co-Chairs, Lee Lake Polar Bear Plunge